The Bed Band you've wanted, The Bed Band that you needed. The Bed Band The Bed Band The Bed Band!

The Bed Band are the home recordings of a fledgling washed up songwriter named Ivan. After about a decade of failed projects, poorly attended shows, ever rotating band mates, go nowhere album releases, and a general sense of failure, I decided I’de be better off pretending I was successful then actually trying to achieve that success. So I sought out to continue recording all of my songs by myself, and presenting them as if they were from a real band, THE BED BAND! The approach of having zero expectations has given my process a sense of freedom that has lended its self to fully realizing the epic proportion of my internal catalog of music. Since starting The Bed Band in 2015 as a “fake band”, “we” have released over 11 full length albums, gone on tour with Ty Segall and Freedom Band, played with Ariel Pink and DIIV for the Desert Days Caravan, formed a real 3 piece live version of The Bed Band, traveled to Los Angeles to play the 1st annual Gnar Fest by Gnar Tapes, recorded countless fake “live albums”, Self released my first album on cassette, released “The Dreamiest” album on cassette via Palm Tapes out of Detroit MI, as well as Cult Classics also on cassette via King Volume Records in Santa Fe NM.

The Bed Band is available for live performances via a three piece band, solo acoustic shows, or solo singing over backing track intimate performances.

The Bed Band’s entire catalog is available on all streaming services for free, except “Ziggy and The Bed Band From Mars” a David Bowie cover album, only available on

The Bed Band was originally formed in Detroit MI, and is currently based in Santa Fe, NM. 


Available on cassette tape, Spotify, iTunes, and more